"RVM School of Inspiration is an institution that has been set up to spread positive energy and to motivate and inspire people to live a life of meaning and purpose."

The founder of RVM Foundation, RVM, set up RVM School Of Inspiration in 2013 to kick-start the foundation’s Inspirational Initiative, with a vision is to vibrate positive energy in the world and inspire people to live a life of meaning and purpose. RVM School Of Inspiration spreads this message through quotes, inspirational speeches, and other creative and conceptual products. Here, we believe it is inspiration that leads a person to transcend from a life of mere achievements to a life of fulfillment – the ultimate goal of life!

RVM aims at reaching out to people to remind them that the journey of life is a gift, and if we don’t use it, we will lose it! Choose to flip over from NEP (Negative Energy Poison) to PEP (Positive Energy Power), from negativity to positivity, from hate to love, from fear to courage, from hesitation to confidence, from terror to tranquility, and from lifelessness to cheerfulness.

We hope that through RVM School Of Inspiration, we can Inspire the World!

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