MORE than just a JOB Opportunity!!

While you may contact the RVM Foundation for a regular career, we at the Foundation also offer the opportunity of a lifetime. It is not just a job but a LIFE JOURNEY. A very few are lucky to be invited by RVM to be a part of the RVM family; a family that commits and dedicates their entire life to the RVM Vision and Philosophy. You are invited only if you are inspired enough to do Humanitarian, Inspirational and Spiritual work. You then become a part of the ownership of the foundation, a part of the RVM family and a part of RVM's life.

The RVM life partner family is a group of people who Rejoice, Value life and Make a difference every day. While you would be making a difference, you would also be having a blast.

Only those who are invited may be able to join the journey and this is purely based on the COMMITMENT and DEDICATION shown by them towards the cause. People who join this journey get everything that a career can offer and much more. It is the best career opportunity in terms of every need being fulfilled… a dream come true! Money, gadgets, luxuries and other comforts are all provided for. In return we only ask for your total dedication, commitment and devotion to the RVM foundation.

Are you ready to commit your life to be a part of the RVM Foundation? If you truly want to then you may be given a life time opportunity, which means you will never be asked to vacate your position. Not only would you have the position during your life time but you would also become one of the Trustees and pass on the mantle beyond your life.

Therefore this is a lifetime opportunity. We don't call it a job we call it a journey. If you are interested in being a part of the journey with RVM then write to us at or . We will invite you for a personal discussion to evaluate your commitment and dedication.