Careers at the RVM Foundation are unique. Whether you become a member of the team or family the term employee is banned at the RVM Foundation because we work together as one team and family to make a positive difference in this world.

Careers are of 2 types- Exciting life careers and Exciting life journey.

  • Exciting Life Careers
  • Exciting Life Journey

Exciting Life Careers

Every individual at the RVM Foundation is respected for the special talent and quality that they are blessed with. We try to bring out the best in people and show them a path where sky is not the limit. Anybody can grow in the foundation and make their dreams come true. Openings are in our Humanitarian, Spiritual and Inspirational initiatives including Administration, HR, Finance and others.

Current Vacancies

Exciting Life Journey

MORE than just a JOB Opportunity!! While you may contact the RVM Foundation for a regular career, we at the Foundation also offer the opportunity of a lifetime. It is not just a job but a LIFE JOURNEY. A very few are lucky to be invited by RVM to be a part of the RVM family; a family that commits and dedicates their entire life to the RVM Vision and Philosophy.

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