• Free Medical Camp at Kadirana Palya Slum

    Location: Indiranagar, Bangalore Date: 15th May 2015

    RVM Humanitarian Hospital, located in Bannerghatta Bangalore conducted a Free medical camp in the Kadirana Palya Slum in Indiranagar Bangalore on 15th May 2015. The highly under-developed slum is home to many underprivileged members of our society. The residents of the slums suffer from various diseases like hypertension, diabetes, wounds and other body ailments. Our doctors attended to around 120 residents of this slum and treated them with various free medicines to help them recover from their ailments. Two old people from the slum who had no family support and could not fend for themselves, were sent to RVM Foundation Transit Home, which provides free shelter, food and care to the homeless and destitute of Bangalore.

  • Free Medical Camp at Nakkalu Bande Slum

    Location: 4th Block, Jayanagar, Bangalore Date: 14th May 2015

    Nakkalu Bande slum is in Jayanagar, Bangalore and is the home of many underprivileged members of our society. The residents of the slum are prone to many water borne diseases as there is no cleanliness around the area and the drinking water may be contaminated. RVM humanitarian hospital conducted free medical camp at this slum on 14th May 2015. Females of the slum were severely anemic and complained of stomach, back and other bodily pains. In total 120 residents were attended by the expert doctor of RVM Foundation Hospital and necessary medicines, injections and dressing were given to those who were suffering. Two people who were severely anemic and in dire need of blood transfusion, were recommended to come and get admitted to RVM Humanitarian Hospital at Bannerghatta, Bangalore for free treatment. Thus RVM Foundation makes a difference in the lives of our deprived brothers and sisters.

  • Free Medical Camp at Sipani Seva Sadan

    Location: Chandapura, Bangalore Date: 13th May 2015

    Sipani Seva Sadan, located in Chandapura, Bangalore is a home for senior citizens. Established by the prestigious Sipani Group, a renowned company in real estate sector, Sipani Seva Sadan is managed RVM Foundation and accommodates 250 senior citizens residents under one roof. A free medical camp was conducted on 13th May 2015 in Sipani Seva Sadan and 115 residents were checked for various ailments, diseases etc. Medicines were given to 65 people, injections to 23. Majority of the residents were suffering from old age related problems like Hypertension, diabetes, diminished metabolic rate etc. A serious case of severe dehydration, was sent to our hospital for free medical treatment immediately. RVM Foundation has been trying to make a difference in the lives of the downtrodden and unfortunate souls of our society by its humanitarian initiative.

  • Free Medical Camp at Home of Hope

    Location: Chikkagubbi, Bangalore Date: 12th May 2015

    RVM Foundation Hospital conducted a FREE medical camp at Home of Hope on 12th May 2015 in their male and female wards. Founded by T. Raja in 1998, Home of Hope is a home to the homeless and destitute of Bangalore. Majority of the residents were suffering from diabetes, hypertension, psychosis and many had body wounds. Six male and Two female residents were referred to come to RVM Foundation Hospital and get complete and free medical treatment. In total 145 residents were seen, they were given free medicines, injections to treat various diseases they were suffering from and dressing was done to the ones who had severe body wounds.

  • Free Medical Camp at GHPK School in association with Lions Club

    Location: Nanjappa Circle Date: 11th May 2015

    Lions Club, Bangalore is of one of the Clubs under the International Association of Lions Clubs, the world's largest service organization with its headquarters in Illinois, USA. They are recognized worldwide for their service to needy people. RVM Foundation Hospital is associated with Lions Club and we provide free medical treatment to the underprivileged of the society. A medical camp was conducted in GHPK School in Nanjappa Circle. 38 children were seen by doctors of RVM Foundation Hospital. Majority of the children were suffering from malnutrition, scabies, cough and cold. They were given medicines and injections free of cost by us. RVM Foundation Hospital has been working dedicatedly towards this humanitarian initiative, trying to reduce pain and suffering in the society and Making A Difference.

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