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RVM Foundation - A Humanitarian, Inspirational & Spiritual Initiative

About RVM Foundation

RVM Foundation is a non-profit organization that follows the RVM philosophy of ‘Rejoice, Value Life and Make a Difference’, thus aiming to make this world a better place and help people lead a meaningful and fulfilling life. In order to promote and achieve this vision, the foundation focuses on three key initiatives:

Humanitarian Initiative: To reduce pain and suffering by providing free medical care, shelter and hope to the suffering humanity – the destitute, poor, and abandoned.

Inspirational Initiative: Vibrating Positive Energy, which is done through inspirational and motivational quotes, videos, books and products.

Spiritual Initiative: To make believers realize God and spread the power of faith, there by enhancing the quality of life.

To this effect, the RVM Foundation has established the RVM School of Inspiration, the RVM Foundation Humanitarian Hospital and Transit Home, and the Shivoham Shiv Temple.

About US


The vision of the RVM Foundation is to Make a Difference and the world a better place by inspiring people to 'Rejoice, Value Life and Make a Difference'. With this focus, the endeavours of the foundation have branched into three major Humanitarian - Reducing Pain & Suffering,

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RVM Foundation’s mission is Making Life Fulfilling through freedom to rejoice, the ability to value life and the power to make a difference to make this world a better place to live in! RVM’s mission in his own words… “I wish to make this world a better place to live in.

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RVM’s Philosophy of life is to Rejoice, Value Life and MAKE A DIFFERENCE! We need to realize there is more to life than just making money by doing something simple as volunteering for community service or taking out little time from your schedule for voluntary work.

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What We Do

Humanitarian Initiative

RVM Foundation This non-profit organization’s humanitarian initiative aims at reducing pain and suffering, …

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Inspirational Initiative

RVM School of Inspiration (RSOI) is an institution with a vision to inspire the world to live positively. …

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Spiritual Initiative

  Shivoham Shiva Temple abode to the most powerful Shiva Statue in the world …

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