RVM Foundation’s inspirational initiative is committed to spread positive energy in this world and thus make a difference in people’s lives. This initiative has positively influenced hundreds of professionals and individuals to lead a happy and successful life.

RVM has written many inspirational and motivational books, some of which include the following:

  • 100 Diamond Quotes

    In this book, RVM explains the meaning of 100 highly inspiring quotations penned down by him. He believes these quotes helped him move from a life of achievement to a life of fulfillment. This book is a true treasure that everyone must possess.

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  • Power your Life with PEP (Positive Energy Power)

    Discover the power of positive living. Control and take command of your thoughts. RVM explains the power of positive emotions over negative emotions. Always choose positive emotions to live a life of joy, bliss and fulfillment. PEP your life with excitement and enthusiasm!

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  • Succsex

    In the past, many legends and saints had mastered the secret of sex transmutation to achieve success in life. The book Succsex reveals the same ancient secrets. Sex is the key to health and well-being. Ojas Shakti or power is critical for courage, confidence and good health. Any man who wants a life filled with zest and creativity can master the techniques of Succsex mentioned in the book.

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  • I Wanna Be Happy

    Do you want to be happy always? Discover these six simple steps that guarantee happiness. Practice these shortcuts and undergo a dramatic transformation. Through this book, RVM proves that anybody can be happy once they know what is happiness and the systematic way to achieve it. Here, RVM unveils the secret to eternal happiness.

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  • One Hundred Secrets of Success

    A compilation of 100 of the most important of these otherwise scattered secrets – RVM’s SOS is a book that will motivate, inspire and guide one to be successful in everything one does. The success mantras in this book can be used to achieve big career aspirations as well as small goals of our day-to-day life.

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  • A Power We Call God

    This book can transform your life with Spiritual Fulfillment. It will make you think and question the rituals you perform. It will make you start a new spiritual journey; a journey which is sure to make you Experience a Power called God! Come, Discover that Power Today! Learn how you can get closer and remain ever connected with that Power

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