The vision of the RVM Foundation is to Make a Difference.

With this focus, the endeavours of the foundation are branched into three major focus areas: Humanitarian –Reducing Pain & Suffering, Inspirational –Vibrating Positive Energy, and Spiritual –Making Believers Realize God.

Reducing Pain and Suffering

RVM Foundation firmly stands by the belief that ‘Service to the Poor is Service to God’.Hence, to lessen the pain of the suffering humanity, the foundation helps and cares for the poor, ailing and abandoned by providing them free medical services, food and shelter at the RVM Foundation Humanitarian Hospital and Transit Home.

Thousands of people have been treated and cared for by these two charitable establishments.

Vibrating Positive Energy

RVM Foundation believes in inspiring people, motivating them to lead a purposeful and meaningful life, therebyhelping them realize that life is a gift and that each day needs to be celebrated and lived with positivity.

To this effect, the inspirational wing of the foundation, RSOI, sends out free inspirational quotes and videos through social media to thousands of people and publishes motivational books on positive-life philosophies.

Making People Realise God

RVM Foundation recognizes the power of faith and the wonders it can do by adding meaning to life.The aim is to help believers attain the ultimate spiritual goal of self realization. In order to build hope, faith and belief and help people realize God, the RVM Foundation's ShivohamShiv Temple hopes to take its devotees a step closer to God through spiritual activities, meaningful prayers and poojas.